• The Whelan Locke vision

    9 April 2015

    Whelan Locke is a South African private equity company, advisory and brokerage for high-growth technology ventures.

    Origins of the name

    The family surname Whelan /ˈhwlən/ is an anglicisation of the Irish surname, Ó Faoláin. The word “faolán” is derived from the Old Irish word “faelán” meaning a small wolf; The word “Locke” is representative of security.

    The wolf as symbolism

    The wolf as represented in the Whelan Locke logo offers some of the most striking animal meanings in the realm of spirit animals.

    The power of the wolf brings forth:


    Picking the right businesses to invest in. Providing initial advice and support while in the long term ensuring the successful growth and acquisition of ventures.


    To effectively advise and facilitate growth whilst saving time, money and minimising investor risk .


    The driving force at the core of every entrepreneur and the reason we founded Whelan Locke.


    The Wolf is a pack animal. We understand it’s not only about what you know, but rather who you know. Leveraging connections to achieve the best possible outcome.

    The golden ratio

    The “O” intersected by the moon in “Locke” represents Greek phi (φ). Phi is also used as a symbol for the golden ratio and present in many other occasions in math and science.

    Whelan Locke cultivates a perfect environment for investment in high-growth technology ventures by providing the initial advice and support required to get started as well as an ongoing hands-on approach to ensure the best possible chance of success.

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